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      What is ENP?: Nutrition Tips for Kids

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      The well-being of every baby is of utmost importance to every parent. Recent scientific research findings indicate that more than 20% of the future health of babies is influenced by his genes. At least 80% are determined by external factors at a young age, which can be a positive influence from the start of life. Here, the diet plays an essential role.

      Latest results from the Early Life Nutritional programming research on early childhood nutrition show that the diet of your baby between the time frame from conception to the 2nd birthday of your child can have a crucial impact for lifelong health as the body has the fastest growth of central building blocks, especially the immune system, brain and metabolism in the first 1000 days of life.

      What is ENP?

      Early Life Nutritional programming: The ENP research on early childhood nutrition examines the impact of nutrition of mother and child for the future health of the child.

      This shows that the complementary diet could make a decisive influence for the future health of your child. Take this opportunity to shape the future health of your child

      Exploiting the opportunities

      The food choices you make for the consumption of your child could still alter the health of your child from the introduction of the complementary feeding. The metabolism, brain and your child’s immune system now undergoes tremendous maturation for milestones like smiling, grasping and crawling. Your baby still requires a lot of nutrients as his growth spurts are nutrient dependent now. Especially since the iron supply in your child is almost depleted at about 6 months. Provide porridge with fruit, vegetables and grains for essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

      Our Tip:

      Make your child’s meals as varied as possible as the diversity in complementary food not only promotes healthy development but also shapes the taste and eating habits of your child.

      We can help you to place the foundation of a right diet for the future health of your child with our diverse information and services. You can implement the findings of the Early Life Nutritional programming research on early childhood nutrition in the everyday life of your baby easily. 

      Take this opportunity to give your baby the most valuable time for a happy life with a good health and lots of love.

      The time frame for the first 1000 days

      You can develop a central building block of health- the metabolic process, the brain and immune system. A positive influence with proper nutrition for the diet of your child within the unique time frame of the first 1000 days (time of pregnancy to toddler years) reduces the later risk of diseases.

      Seize the opportunity and take the future health of your child into your own hands! 


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      Questions about feeding and nutrition?

      Our midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch.

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