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      Choosing Your Baby's Name

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      A traditional first name as Wilhelm, something modern like Kim, or at least a name like Sophie, who never goes out of style? Finding a name for your child is not easy. In the following, you should look for when choosing a name.

      Many young parents prepares the first name for the new baby sleepless nights. Before you quarrel about the right name for your baby with your partner or very difficult to ponder, we want to give you some suggestions on how to narrow the list of suitable "candidates".

      On behalf portals on the Internet you can find good suggestions.

      In the jungle of Names

      Never before has such a large selection of name as in our flooded by information from the media time. Although you may not nominate as in America for a variety of fruit or a comic heroes your child. But as long as your taste is not too eccentric, you'll be spoiled for choice.

      The following questions can help you narrow your selection of favorites:

      • Would you like for your baby a more classic names, a modern or creative fancy name?
      • Should your child wear a simple name or a compound name? A second name, you must choose the way, if the first does not clearly identify the gender (such. B. Kim)
      • If the first name of grandparents or other relatives are taken?
      • Customize your favorites to your last name?

      Legal limits

      When you register your baby's registry office will determine if the name you chose respects your child's privacy rights. That is, it should not be ashamed of later order or cause complete lack of understanding when it gives his name. Not permitted are brand names, titles of nobility. Local and city names, family names and biblical names with negative connotations like Cain or Judas

      Did You Know ...?

      ... That you can give your child up to 5 names?

      The most important rule: Do not make crazy!

      Take your time. You need to decide only 3 to 10 days after giving birth to a name. You might want your son or your daughter so once "face to face" to know before you commit to a name. Or maybe is it for you and your partner easier to agree on a name, if your child's first have time held in his arms, you should in any case do not put by well-meaning friends and relatives under pressure, and certainly not to be influenced Listen to your heart The main thing is, you are ultimately satisfied with their decision -... and your child later life also.


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