Your 21st week

      Your Baby

      You increasingly feel the kicks of your baby. Through the amniotic fluid, the baby is well protected. Your baby has been previously measured from the skull to rump, the length is now considered from the skull to the heel. This means that your baby is now about 27 centimetres in length and weighs about 360 grams.

      Length 27 cm Weight 360 gr

      Your body

      Through this increasingly relaxed stomach valve and also the increasing pressure of the baby on the intestines, stomach acid can get into your oesophagus and cause heartburn. Hormonal changes can also lead to an increased outflow.

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      To minimize heartburn, you should adhere to the following rules:

      • Have several smaller meals instead of three full meals.
      • Take small bites and chew your food thoroughly.
      • Wear clothing that does not press on the stomach area.

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