Baby hospital outfit

      Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Mothers

      Baby hospital outfit

      From the 7th month of pregnancy, you should have ready your hospital bag. Some babies have a great hurry suddenly and wait with their arrival not on the expected date of delivery. You will then be happy to have everything right at hand near the door or even in the car.

      Documents and identity cards

      • Family register or marriage, unmarried mothers, the birth certificate
      • Identity card
      • Insurance card of health insurance

      Clothing and care for you

      • 3-4 nightgowns, pajamas or T-shirts that can be forward to the navel unbutton 
      • min. 1 Nursing Bra
      • warm, non-slip socks
      • Slippers
      • Bathrobe
      • 7-8 cotton briefs
      • Washcloths and towels
      • Toilet and Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, shower gel, skin cream, possibly scrunchy, massage oil, shampoo)
      • Jogging suit or trousers, comfortable Shirts
      • comfortable clothes for the trip home
      • remember Wavey in contact lens wearers

      For your baby

      • 1-2 Bodies
      • 1-2 Toddlers
      • Possibly 1-2 pants and sweaters
      • 1 warm hat (winter) or 1 lightweight headgear (summer)
      • 1 thick jacket or jacket 1 (depending on the season)
      • 1-2 pairs of socks (in winter possibly fur shoes or thick socks)
      • Diapers in the smallest size
      • A cuddly baby blanket
      • 1-2 burp diapers
      • Wipes
      • For transport: baby seat in the car, stroller or sling
      • Music Box or music (in winter possibly thick socks)
      • Pacifier (if you want to give this)

      Clothing and care for you

      • Dextrose cubes and / or favorite beverage cereal bars, chocolate or other snacks to strengthen
      • MP3 player or favorite music on CD
      • Notebook and pens
      • Mobile phone or smartphone and charger
      • Books and magazines
      • Things to relax: Oil, possibly fragrance lamp, if not available, a beautiful picture


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