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      Your baby can feel temperature differences. If you put your warm hands on his stomach, it can tell the difference and reacts. Recently, your baby has hiccups - It takes up a little amniotic fluid and pushes it out again. This serves to strengthen his respiratory system. The eyelashes are now sprouting in the eyes. The head takes up about a third of the total length of the child. It now weighs about 450 grams and is about 28 centimetres in length.

      Length 28 cm Weight 450 gr

      Your body

      Not every woman is affected with the extra weight and some could face problems with the extra weight. Perhaps you may find suffering from varicose veins and leg cramps which resulted from the heavy load on your legs?

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      An old home remedy that helps relieve tired and heavy legs: Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in two litres of lukewarm water. Soak two towels in it and then place it to the calves for 20 minutes. The best is to have your legs slightly elevated and strengthened the calf vein walls with cold showers to prevent varicose veins. Support stocking can also alleviate the veins. Leg cramps usually occur due to disturbed blood supply of the calves, magnesium or calcium deficiency. You may also consult your doctor on appropriate preparations to help relieve leg cramps. 

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