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      What has so far put your baby in the development, it is now investing in growth. For all that it takes for later life, is already present in the small body and now just needs to grow and mature. At the same time, the fetus begins to stretch, to train the muscles and thus to prepare for walking upright. Now arise already the small grooves on the fingertips, which give the individual fingerprint later. Your baby is 9 centimeters long, about 65 grams and is growing very fast immediately.

      Length 9 cm Weight 65 gr

      Your body

      Immediately hips are round, and the first pants are too tight. A good reason to go shopping extensively with your best friend. In the womb, the placenta supplies your unborn with oxygen, food and antibodies. By the end of pregnancy they will reach a weight of 600 grams and a diameter of 25 centimeters.

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      From the 4th month you need about 300 calories more than before per day. This corresponds roughly to a wholemeal bread with herb quark. Diets are now as forbidden as excessive amounts of sweets. A balanced diet means that you should take healthy food to him and occasionally snacking sometimes.

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