Your 7th week

      Your Baby

      The unborn begins to operate. All major organs like the stomach and liver are now supplied with sufficient blood as the limb buds start to transform into small fins. The arm buds are divided into the shoulder, wrist and hands while the eye muscles start to grow. The skin and sense of smell are already developed and your baby is now about 11 millimetres in size.

      Length 11 mm

      Your body

      It is absolutely normal to feel like you have been constantly running at full speed as your heart beats faster now to transport more blood. Your breathing has also increased as your baby requires fresh oxygen. Do take a break when you get out of breath or feel exhausted.

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      It is best to avoid hectic sports during pregnancy. However, you could participate in lighter endurance sports such as swimming, walking or yoga to keep the body fit in a gentle way. Do consult your doctor for any sports that you should avoid. Pay attention to your heart rate (not more than 140/minute) and take enough fluid.

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