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      Your baby moves even if you have yet to feel it: Initially unconscious and rarely, but soon more targeted and more frequent. The brain is growing with 100,000 neurons per minute. The eyes are still at the side of the head, but the face will soon get in shape and colour. The ears are the first bone to form. Thus the embryo is now 26-millimeter.

      Length 26 mm

      Your body

      Do you feel more sensitive than in the past? It can be due to the increased circulation and the tissue being loosen up, such as being more prone to bleeding gums. Your sensory organs are more sensitive now. You have probably already found the changes in your smell and taste. However, some may become more sensitive to hearing and have skin sensitivity.

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      You may have already lost some weight from the nausea and vomiting however, every individual is different. Do note that you have an increased need for various nutrients. Both you and your growing baby now need many different vitamins and minerals. A healthy and well-balanced diet is very important with the right strategy to fight against excess weight gain. 

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