Your 11th week

      Your Baby

      At this stage of development, the skin, hair and nails will start to grow. Their sexual organs will also begin to form as the ribcage closes around its small heart. Your baby is measured at 4 centimetres now.

      Length 4 cm

      Your body

      Increased occasions of hunger that occur now may be the result of your increased nutritional need. But bear in mind that it does not mean to eat twice as much as your usual intake of food but to eat with healthier food in mind because the demand of energy has increased with slight relation to nutritional needs. Dizziness may occur more frequently now as your body is overwhelmed with the occasional transport of the extra amount of blood flowing in your body. Walks with fresh air may help to overcome this issue.

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      Make an appointment with your dentist. This is because nutrients that were previously kept as reserves for your teeth are now diverted to your baby. This will lead to an increased risk of the inflammation of the gums as they start to recede. Protect your teeth with some simple preventive measures like brushing your teeth after eating acidic foods and drinking extra calcium containing foods such as milk, dairy products or eating nuts such as hazelnuts.

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