The 23rd-week pregnant woman walking in the garden
      The 23rd-week pregnant woman walking in the garden


      Week 23 of Your Pregnancy

      Your body is changing each day – and it’s not just your shape! Follow a nutritious and well-balanced diet to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs. Start building a relationship with your baby by talking and singing to your bump – your baby will be following your every word! 

      The funny thing about your baby’s skin is that it grows faster than your baby’s body. That’s why it looks a little loose1! As your little one stores more fat, it will lose its delicate appearance and begin to look more plump1. Continue talking and singing to your baby – and get dad involved! Studies have shown that deeper male voices are easier for babies to pick up2

      Your Baby

      Vernix is formed in order to protect the delicate skin of your baby. It prevents urine or bowel movements from attacking the skin in the amniotic fluid. A fixed sleep and wake rhythm will settle your child. This week, your baby is about the size of a mango! A very long one that is. Your baby is gaining weight rapidly. Most mums would be able to feel their baby moving by this time – they kick, twist, turn and stretch!

      Length 29 cm Weight 500 gr

      Your body

      The increased levels of estrogen make your hair appear to be shiny and fuller. In addition, your body retains water as a result of increased blood circulation, so you may feel some swelling in your legs

      Hair Care for Mummies

      With proper hair care will benefit you to feel more comfortable. If you are more prone to dry hair, brushing the hair regularly will stimulate the sebaceous glands. For more oily hair, you should not wash your hair in hot water. 

      Calcium — the Future for Healthy Bones

      Whether from your bones or teeth, your body will take calcium from sources in your body and give it to your baby. (WebMD) This is because calcium is essential for:

      • building bones and teeth
      • supporting normal muscle function
      • helping blood clot
      • promoting the development of healthy muscle tissue and nerve function4

      Though your body becomes better at absorbing calcium5 during pregnancy, it’s important to make sure your diet contains calcium-rich foods. Ensure that you get 700mg of calcium per day3 from a healthy, balanced diet! Boost your calcium intake with these foods:

      • Dairy products, including pasteurised milk, yogurt and cheese
      • Fish with edible bones (like sardines)
      • Nuts and seeds, especially almonds and sesame seeds
      • Figs or dried apricots
      • Green vegetables like curly kale or spinach
      • Tofu
      • Calcium-fortified breakfast cereals
      • Calcium-fortified drinks such as some soya milks

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