Top Baby Names 2022

      Choosing a baby name is a fun part of your pregnancy journey. However, it’s not always the easiest decision as your little one will have their name for life! Some parents prefer traditional and classic names that are easy to pronounce, whereas others might look for something more unusual and unique.

      Whether you’re after a traditional or unique baby name, get some inspiration from the top 100 boys and girls names listed below to pick the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

      Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names



      No  Name Origin Meaning   
      1 Aaliyah Arabic  Exalted
      2 Abigail Hebrew The father's joy
      3 Addison English Son of Adam
      4 Adeline French Noble
      5 Alice English Noble / Kind
      6 Amara German  Steadfast / Immortal
      7 Amelia German Industrious, hardworking
      8 Anna Hebrew Gracious
      9 Aria Italian  Air / Melody
      10 Ariana Greek  Very holy one
      11 Arya* German Melody
      12 Athena Greek  Goddess of wisdom
      13 Aubrey German King of the elves
      14 Audrey English Noble strength
      15 Aurora Latin Dawn
      16 Autumn Latin  Autumn
      17 Avery  English  Wise / Ruler of the elves 
      18 Ayla Hebrew Oak tree
      19 Bella Latin Beauty
      20 Brielle French  Of God
      21 Brooklyn English New York City borough
      22 Camila Italian  Attendant 
      23 Charlotte French Free man / Petite
      24 Chloe Greek  Blooming
      25 Claire Latin  Clear / Bright 
      26 Delilah Hebrew  Delicate
      27 Eleanor French  Light
      28 Elena Greek  Light
      29 Eliana French  Light / Moon
      30 Elizabeth Hebrew Consecrated to God / my God is bountiful
      31 Ella German  All 
      32 Ellie French Light
      33 Emery* Latin  Loving
      34 Emilia Latin Ambitious / Industrious
      35 Emily Roman Rival / To emulate
      36 Emma Europe  Universal, Whole
      37 Eva Hebrew Life
      38 Evelyn French Hazelnut
      39 Everleigh
      40 Everly* English Wild boar in woodland clearing
      41 Freya Scandinavian Noble woman
      42 Gabriella Hebrew Devoted to God
      43 Gianna Hebrew  God's Grace
      44 Grace Latin Goodness / Generosity
      45 Hailey English Hayfield
      46 Hannah Hebrew Favor / Grace of God 
      47 Harper Europe  Harp players
      48 Hazel English  A brown colour
      49 Iris Greek  Rainbow
      50 Isabella Italian, Spanish Devoted to God, God is my oath
      51 Isabella Hebrew Devoted to God / God is my oath
      52 Isla Scottish  Island
      53 Ivy Latin Vine
      54 Jade* Spanish Stone of the loins
      55 Kennedy Irish Helmeted chief
      56 Kinsley* English King’s meadow
      57 Layla Arabic Night
      58 Leah Hebrew Weary
      59 Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly child
      60 Lillian* Latin Form of lily
      61 Lily Greek  Lily flower
      62 Lucy Latin  Light
      63 Luna Latin Moon
      64 Lyla Arabic  Night 
      65 Madelyn Hebrew High tower
      66 Madison English Woman from Magdala
      67 Maria Hebrew Bitter
      68 Maya Sanskrit  Illusion / Dream
      69 Melody Greek  Song-like
      70 Mia Latin Mine
      71 Mila Russian Gracious / Dear one
      72 Naomi Hebrew Sweet / Pleasant
      73 Natalie Latin Birth of the Lord
      74 Nevaeh American "Heaven" spelled backwards
      75 Nora Latin  Honor / Light
      76 Nova Latin New
      77 Olivia Latin Olive Tree
      78 Paisley Scottish  Church
      79 Penelope Greek Weaver
      80 Piper English Pipe or flute player 
      81 Raelynn* English
      82 Riley Irish Courageous / Valiant
      83 Ruby Latin  A Ruby Jewel
      84 Rylee Irish Valiant
      85 Sadie Hebrew Woman of high rank / Princess
      86 Sarah Hebrew  Princess
      87 Savannah* Spanish Flat tropical grassland
      88 Scarlett Arab  Silks dyed red with kermes
      89 Serenity* Latin Peaceful disposition
      90 Skylar Dutch  Scholar
      91 Sofia Italian  Wisdom
      92 Sophia Greek Wisdom
      93 Sophie Greek  Wisdom
      94 Stella Greek  A star 
      95 Valentina Latin  Strong 
      96 Victoria Latin Victory
      97 Violet Latin Violet flower
      98 Willow  English  Willow tree
      99 Zoe Greek  Light
      100 Zoey Greek  Life




      No. Name Origin Meaning 
      1 Adam Hebrew Red earth
      2 Adrian Latin  Dark one
      3 Aiden Irish Little fire
      4 Alexander Greek Defender of men
      5 Andrew Greek  Strong / Courageous
      6 Anthony Latin  Priceless 
      7 Asher Hebrew Happiness
      8 Benjamin  Hebrew  Son of the south 
      9 Bennett Latin  Little blessed one
      10 Caleb Hebrew Devotion to God
      11 Cameron Scottish Crooked nose
      12 Carter Irish Son of Carter
      13 Charlie English  Free
      14 Christian Latin  Follower of Christ
      15 Christopher Greek  Christ-bearer
      16 Colton English  Town of colt-breeding
      17 Cooper Latin  Barrel maker
      18 Daniel Hebrew God is my judge
      19 David Hebrew  Beloved
      20 Declan Irish Man of prayer / Full of goodness
      21 Dylan Welsh Sea
      22 Easton Scottish  East
      23 Eli Hebrew High / Elevated
      24 Elias Greek  Lord is my God
      25 Elijah Hebrew  Yahweh is my God
      26 Ethan Hebrew Firm / Enduring / Strong / Long-lived 
      27 Everett Anglo-Saxon Wild boar / Strong
      28 Ezekiel Hebrew  Strength of God
      29 Ezra Hebrew  Help / Helper  
      30 Gabriel Hebrew God is my strength / A hero of God
      31 Grayson  English  Son of a gray-haired man
      32 Greyson English  Son of a gray-haired man
      33 Henry German  Ruler of the household
      34 Hudson English Son of Hudd
      35 Hunter English  Someone who hunts
      36 Isaac Hebrew He will laugh
      37 Isaiah Hebrew  Salvation of the lord
      38 Jace* Greek Healer
      39 Jack English  A jack of all trades
      40 Jackson Hebrew  Son of Jack
      41 Jacob Hebrew To follow / Be behind
      42 James Hebrew Supplanter
      43 Jameson Hebrew Son of James
      44 Jaxon English  Son of Jack
      45 Jaxson English  Son of Jack 
      46 Jayden* Hebrew Thankful
      47 Jeremiah Hebrew Exalted of the lord
      48 John Hebrew  God is gracious
      49 Jordan Hebrew  Descending
      50 Joseph Hebrew God shall add (another son)
      51 Joshua Hebrew Lord is salvation
      52 Josiah Hebrew Fire of the Lord
      53 Julian Latin  Father of the skies
      54 Kai Hawaiian Sea
      55 Kayden Scottish  From the wetlands
      56 Kingston English  King's town
      57 Landon English  Long hill / Ridge
      58 Legend* English Story about the past 
      59 Leo  Latin  Lion
      60 Levi Hebrew Joined / Adhered
      61 Liam German Guardian
      62 Lincoln Latin  Lithe
      63 Logan Scottish Small hollow
      64 Luca Greek  From Lucania
      65 Lucas Greek  Man from Lucania
      66 Luka Greek From Lucani
      67 Luke Greek  Light-giving
      68 Mason French Stoneworkers
      69 Mateo Spanish Gift of God
      70 Matthew Hebrew  Gift of God 
      71 Maverick English  An unorthodox or independent-minded person
      72 Micah Hebrew  Who is like (God)
      73 Michael Hebrew Who is like God?
      74 Miles Latin  Soldier
      75 Muhammad Arabic Praised one
      76 Myles Greek  Inventor of the corn mill
      77 Nathan Hebrew  He Gave
      78 Noah Hebrew Rest / Comfort
      79 Nolan Irish Noble / Famous
      80 Oliver Latin  Olive tree
      81 Owen Irish Noble / Well-born / Young Warrior
      82 Parker English  Gamekeeper
      83 River Latin  River
      84 Roman Latin  Citizen of the Roman Empire
      85 Ryan Irish Little king / Illustrious
      86 Ryder* English A horseman
      87 Samuel Hebrew  God heard / Name of God
      88 Santiago Spanish St James
      89 Sebastian Latin Venerable / Revered
      90 Silas Latin  Wood
      91 Theo Greek Divine gift
      92 Theodore Greek  Divine Gift
      93 Thomas Hebrew  A twin
      94 Waylon English  Wayside land / Road land
      95 Wesley English West Meadow
      96 Weston English  Western town
      97 William German Resolute protector
      98 Wyatt  English  Strong in war 
      99 Xavier Latin  Savior
      100 Zion Hebrew A sign / Excellent


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