Toddler milestones month13 24 masthead

      When your child reaches the 19th month

      Toddler milestones month13 24 masthead

      What your child learns

      Although your child may still fall at times, it is already better at coordinating both the arms and legs. Do not help your child up when it falls. Praise your child for learning to inspire it to keep going. Painting is a popular activity for your toddler now. You will also know if your child is left or right handed when it reaches its 2ⁿᵈ birthday. It is also found that the handedness is anchored in the brain. Therefore, do not interfere and let your child decide. 

      What your toddler needs

      Has your toddler once discovered his creativity, it wants to try out intensively. What to see while painting on paper, interested toddler little because it does not paint concrete images. Should he succeed a kind of circle, which is already a great achievement? Give your toddler possible large sheets of paper and thick pencils or crayons. Since it does not interest your toddler where the sheet is over, you should also ensure a generous pad that protects furniture or floor.

      Has your child discovered his creativity?

      Our AptaAdvantage Tip

      Parents who push their child to use the right hand will increase its risk of a significant disturbance and developmental delays. Do not worry about the negative effects of being left handed for the kindergartens and school have long prepared for such an issue. Left handers are also generally considered to be more creative than right handers.  

      Questions about feeding and nutrition?

      Our midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch.