How to raise Resilient kids (hint: it’s about immunity!)

We all want our kids to be Resilient: strong and confident enough to handle a world that’s always changing, and often challenging. We know we can’t always be there to protect them, but we can nurture our children to be adaptable, brave, and flexible.

Resilience helps our kids to be independent, face difficult situations better, and be able to get up with confidence in face of setbacks. It’s about learning coping skills and finding solutions to problems, and better handling stressful situations.

How Can We Raise Resilient Kids Right from The Start?

One of the best ways to promote Resilience is to let your child discover the world right from the start. Their Resilience will grow with every experience and learning they have. From their first paddle in a swimming pool to their first bike ride – every early contact with people and the environment supports the development of their Resilience.

You can also promote your child’s Resilience through sensitivity, exposing them to challenges, letting them solve things by themselves while teaching problem-solving skills, supporting them when they fall, really listening to them, and modelling resiliency from which they can learn.

The Immune System: Important for Early Experiences

An important basis for the development of Resilience is a healthy immune system, which makes your child ready from the inside for valuable experiences in the outside world.

Your child immune system will be shaped by the time they’re three.  During this critical time, a balanced and healthy diet will provide them with the essential nutrients they need so their immune system can develop optimally. Their immune system can also be strengthened by contact with other children, and through reasonable exposure to cold and dirt. You can help your child strengthen their immune system by letting them play outside and exposing them to an environment that isn’t too sterile.

Nutrition Is Important for The Immune System

Nutrition is important for the development of the immune system. A balanced variety of food and drinks in moderation with valuable nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, zinc, iron, and selenium are essential for a healthy immune system.