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Did you know that you can already lay the foundations for the healthy future of your baby? The latest findings of the ENP research show: In particular, the nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life characterizes the health to about 80 percent. Only about 20 percent of health are determined by the parents' genes. Find out here how you can use the options for your child.

What is ENP?


Early Life Nutrition programme – The ENP researches on the early childhood nutrition which examines the impact of the nutrition of mother and the child for the future health of the baby.


You can make a decisive influence on the future health of your child with the right diet; take advantage of this valuable opportunity to take the future health of your child into your own hands.


ENP (Early Life Nutritional programme): Your baby’s future is in your hands


Every parents hold the baby’s well-being dear to their hearts. Recent scientific findings indicate that more than 20 percent of the health of babies is influenced by his genes in the later life. However, at least 80 percent are determined by external factors at a young age. The diet plays an essential role here.


The latest results from the ENP research on early childhood nutrition shows: the nutrition within the time frame from conception to 2 birthdays of your children will determine the lifelong health of your child. This is because the fastest growth of the central building blocks of the body occurs in the first 1000 days of life – especially the immune system, the brain and metabolism.

The opportunity lies in the first 1000 days


The unique time frame would be from the first 1000 days from the day of conception to the toddler’s 2nd birthday. You can develop the central building block of health in this sensitive phase, mainly the metabolic process, the brain and the immune system – with proper nutrition; your child can be influenced positively to reduce the later risk of diseases

Seize the opportunity to take the future health of your child into your own hand!



Exploiting the opportunities in a young life


A new chapter in the diet of your child will usually be introduced into the family diet from about the 10th month of life. A healthy and nutrient rich diet serves as a valuable potential for your child. 


An age appropriate supply of nutrients is required for the development of the brain, immune system and metabolism.


Young children are not young adults.



Did you know?

Based on his weight, your child may require up to 7 times more nutrients than you do.


Therefore, your child should be fed with lots of fruits and vegetables with at least 1 time per week of fatty fish. This is because fish supplies your child with iodine, Vitamin D and valuable omega 3 fatty acid, a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LCP). With a mixed diet, your child will be able to receive all the essential nutrients - for growth and development of the brain, metabolism and immune system so you can enjoy your time with your child in the certainty of giving him the best.


We can help you place the right diet for the foundation of the future health of your child with the diverse information and services, so you can implement the findings of ENP research on early childhood nutrition in everyday life.


Take the opportunity to give your toddler a happy life with lots of love and good health.


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