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The special thing about Aptamil® Gold+ formula is a unique combination of nutrients, precisely matched to the particular stage of development of your baby.

The unique composition of Aptamil® Gold+ formula that was developed from the research conducted in 2012 will provide your baby with all the nutrients it needs, to develop healthily. 


Aptamil® Gold+ formula - what is behind it?

Our scientists and Aptamil experts have been researching and continuously developing dairy foods for more than 30 years that meet the current nutrient recommendations from the nutritional experts.

Importantly, the baby's diet in the first years of life sets the crucial foundation of its development in the later stage. Aptamil® Gold+ formula is designed to provide the nutritional needs of your baby for all ages. This means that your baby will always get the exact nutritional needs for its respective phase of development.

Aptamil® Gold+ formula -  Provides the right nutrients such as DHA and Patented Prebiotic
Blend that supports your child's brain development and natural defences


The only Patented Prebiotic Blend^ supporting your child's natural defences1

Clinical Study published in Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (JPGN2)



Closest to helping your baby meet the World Health Organization (WHO) daily recommended DHA intake3


WHO Daily recommended DHA intake levels3

^ scGOS:IcFOS(9:1)
1 Arslanoglu et al. 2008. Journal of Nutrition, 138:1091-1095
2 Chatchatee P et al. Effects of Growing-Up Milk Supplemented With Prebiotics and LCPUFAs on Infections in Young Children. JPGN 2014; 58(4):428-437 
3 As compared to other Growing Up Formula in Singapore for daily recommended feed. FAO/World Health Organisation recommends daily DHA intake level of 10-12mg/kg body weight for children 6-24 months,
100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 2-4 years of age or 150-200mg DHA+EPA for children 4-6 years of age. Reference: FAO 2010. Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food
and Nutrition Paper no.91. FAO: Rome.

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