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BBM-16V Probiotics
Backed by more than 17 clinical studies, BBM-16V (derived from Bifidobacterium breve) has been shown to improve allergic symptoms in infants with IgE-mediated atopic dermatitis, improve diaper dermatitis and gastrointestinal symptoms, as well as prevent asthma-like symptoms.
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Our ENP research on early childhood nutrition
The major goal of our ENP research is to better understand the importance of important nutrients during initial years of life. In order for all children to have the benefit for a good start in life, we therefore explore the diet of mothers during pregnancy, babies and young children. Find out more about our approach for this research.
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The recipe, which grows with the nutritional needs of your baby: Aptamil® Gold+ formula
The special thing about Aptamil® Gold+ formula is a unique combination of nutrients, precisely matched to the particular stage of development of your baby.
All about Aptamil® Gold+ formula

Patented Prebiotics Blend*
A milestone in this research was the discovery of Prebiotics. Today, Prebiotics are an integral part of high-quality foods for babies and toddlers.
Patented Prebiotics

The results of our research
The quality of our research is reflected in recognition with our investigators by other scientists. Read about the milestones in a baby’s diet and our scientific patents.
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