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Incorporated in 1977, Thomson Medical is one of Singapore’s leading providers of healthcare services for women and children. It owns and operates Thomson Medical Centre, a fully integrated hospital that provides a comprehensive range of facilities and services with focus in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) and paediatric services.

Over the years, Thomson Medical has expanded its operations to include a chain of Thomson Women’s Clinics island-wide and other subsidiary clinics and centres namely, Thomson Chinese Medicine, Thomson Dental Centre, Thomson Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Thomson Diagnostic Ultrasound Centre, Thomson Fertility Centre, Thomson Lifestyle Centre, Thomson Paediatric Centre, Thomson ParentCraft Centre, Thomson Pre-Natal Diagnostic Laboratory, Thomson Specialist Skin Centre and Thomson Women Cancer Centre.

For your little one, Thomson Medical offers a myriad of paediatric services, including paediatric dentistry and TCM for children, ensuring that your child gets the treatment needed during their developmental stage.

Your AptaAdvantage:

Your little one can get to enjoy dental, skin consultations and paediatric massage at designated Thomson Medical Specialty Centres.

Thomson Dental Centre
Consultation from $22.50 (inclusive of GST)

Thomson Chinese Medicine
Paediatric Massage with consultation at $70 (inclusive of GST)

Telephone:(65)6350 8822

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