Aptamil Privileges: Prudential Insurance for Children

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Parenthood is an amazing journey, whether it’s your first or third time — but is your bundle of joy protected?

During pregnancy and once your baby arrives, you will want to focus on the precious family moments rather than worry about bills, especially for medical-related payments. 

Secure medical coverage without breaking your wallet.
With the right insurance plan, you can enjoy peace-of-mind that both mother and child are adequately protected. 

Give your child a Head Start in Life
As children get older, the expenses get higher. It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future! Plant the seeds of your child’s future success by investing in his or her education and savings needs.  

To support you in your parenthood journey as an Apta Advantage member, we have put together a dedicated team of Prudential Financial Consultants to provide advice on insurance coverage so that your child is covered.

Receive a free myDNA kit and NTUC shopping vouchers with a combined value of 10% of the first year premium on purchase of your insurance plan*

Speak to the Prudential Financial Consultant today.
Call them at 65722516 or 65722387 from 1030am to 530pm.

For after hours enquiries, please call 81283130 or 81283137.

You can also email to dennyho@pruadviser.com.sg or patricktanjf@pruadviser.com.sg

*Terms & Conditions apply.


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