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After the birth, it is important that you can quickly regain strength. Possible nutritional deficiencies of pregnancy it is important now to compensate, because you need a lot of energy in the near future - a vital mother and her baby.
After giving birth, your body is weakened. Actually you would need for this exciting but stressful experience once vacation. However, waiting for a young mother tasks that require a lot of strength and a stable constitution. The all-round care of a newborn can quickly lead to the physical limits. But do not worry - with proper diet already in childbed are you ready for a nice first time with your baby.

Your midwife will support you

Until the 20th century it was in Germany Sitte that neighbors in the first time every day brought a pot of soup after childbirth. So could the new mother to get forces and did not need to cook. Meanwhile, the follow-midwife replaced the healers neighbors. Is on the first 10 days after birth your midwife will pay a daily visit and can also advise you about your diet.

First Priority should be now, replenish your nutrient storage again, because pregnancy and birth have very availed:

To compensate for blood loss at birth, should now everyday foods come with a lot of iron to your table: meat, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts.

Essential fatty acids are very important for the regeneration of your tissue after birth. They can be found in vegetable oils, nuts and fish. Mix for example once a day one tablespoon of cold-pressed rapeseed oil with your food (not to cook yourself) or the salad. Oily fish should meet at least once a week on your table.

Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids and Omega 3 fatty acids can alsoPostpartum depressionprevention. In countries with high fish consumption postnatal depression are rare.

In pregnancy, calcium reduces from the bones and teeth. To populate the memory again, you take every morning and evening please milk meal, eg in the morning and the evening cereal hot milk with honey. Calcium is also found in dairy products like cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and some vegetables such as kale and broccoli.

In a varied diet in childbed plenty of bread, cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta should be. Pay attention to carbohydrates, as you provide such as whole grains. Fruits and vegetables, there should be daily.

Banned starvation

Do not perform any type of diet right after birth. You need your strength now! This is particularly true if you are breastfeeding. The iodine requirements of a breastfeeding is 30 percent, the iron requirements by 33 percent, the folic acid requirements by 50 percent and the zinc requirement by 57 percent higher than that of a non-breastfeeding mother. Diets would weaken too much and can also inhibit lactation. Often women take while breastfeeding anyway slowly and naturally from, because you need to lactation day about 500 to 600 calories more. To support breastfeeding active losing your pregnancy kilos again.

Ideal nutrition during lactation

Read here about the ideal diet during lactation.

An old recipe Midwives

A classic of the diet in the postpartum is the way the chicken soup. Following this recipe it is administered every woman in China as the first meal after the birth, so that they as soon as possible its life energy - in China Qi or Chi called - and the blood can build up again. The longer the soup is cooked, the more Qi it contains.

Ingredients:2-3 liters of water, 1 fresh chicken soup with bones in organic quality, a little rosemary, 2-3 carrots cut into pieces, fennel, celery and leeks to taste, 1 bay leaf, 1 handful parsley, 1 slice fresh ginger, salt, pepper.

Preparation:Put water in a large pot and add all ingredients. For at least 3-5 hours on low heat to simmer, always give water. In the first weeks after giving birth two to three cups of soup (just Sud or with vegetables and meat) take each day. So you can quickly regain your strength!


A good idea, if you have no way to seek care in the postpartum period is a day with food, during the last weeks to cook before the due date on stock and freeze!

At least 9 months you should give yourself and your body time to regain some degree a "normal state". If you still silent, even longer. After about up to this point are still many regression processes underway. Allow yourself so to eat and to enjoy your old character will return -. just maybe not quite as fast as you want it.

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