Early Learning: Educational Brain Development Games for 2-Year-Olds



      Because it’s recommended that children stay at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, as a parent playtime, rest-time and learning-time are now your full-time responsibility. It may seem like a daunting task at first, so here are a few ideas for you and your toddler – not just to fuel their curiosity, but to burn off some energy and help them develop as well.

      Top toys for tots

      Here’s a list of the best, safest and most stimulating toys to help your 2-year-old develop.

      ▪        Wooden building blocks are a toddler’s favourite.

      ▪        They can play for hours with coloured boxes that can be filled and emptied over and over again.

      ▪        Dolls or puppets and animals that move help develop their imitation skills and their imagination.

      ▪        Children of all ages love to play with balls, and they're a staple for children of this age as well.


      ▪        Puzzles with large pieces are good toys for cognitive development.

      ▪        Maracas, drums and keyboards are great little musical instruments that can help bring out their innate musician at a young age.

      ▪        Plastic action and animal figures, toy houses and toy repair kits are ideal for this age group, provided the pieces aren't too small.

      Play and learn with your toddler

      Here are some imaginative ways you can play and learn with your 2-year-old even if you’re self-isolating at home. 

      Play chef using safe kitchen utensils (like a plastic strainer, wooden spoon, and so on) that they can hold without any risk


      Play chef using safe kitchen utensils (like a plastic strainer, wooden spoon, and so on) that they can hold without any risk.

      Socks become puppets that make animal sounds and tell stories.


       Finger-painting as well as hand and footprints are great fun.

      Play pretend professions like a doctor, a farmer, a bus driver etc.


      Hiding and finding objects is another activity both of you can play together.

      Read books together to support their language development.

       Play a game where you take a bucket and throw balls or other objects inside.

      Dance together, sing songs, or just mime your favorite song together.


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